The Institute of the the Holy Family fathers and brothers of the youth is an inspiration and gift from God to the church. The actualization and fulfillment of the Institute are found in its Mission and Apostolate. It is a missionary Institute, which should be understood both in terms of Christ’s mission and the mission of the Holy Spirit. Members should accept and experience in their lives the good news and message of the Trinity “on which the faith of all Christians rest”.
By the divine mission of the Son and the Holy Spirit (Can. 235), the Father fulfills the divine plan of his infinite love for man, which imposes on man an obligation to love his neighbour for God’s sake.  From time immemorial God has been adoring and endowing his church with various charisms and religious vocations through which the gospel news is preached to all people of every nation (1cor.12:4-7).
The Apostolate of the Institute is two fold: The Internal and External.
The Internal Apostolate of the Institute consists of helping the fathers and the brothers to achieve perfection and to bear witness to the holiness of the church and of life Consecrated to God.
The External mission and Apostolate of the Institute is practical works of charity and pastoral care of the church directed mainly to the youth. Both lines blend to make our youth Apostolate one mission.
The vision of the founder  is to found and train Priests and Brothers who will by word, action and example motivate and help the youth to live the gospel message.
Members are to identify with the youth especially those in need and cooperate with those who seek  for social justice. The social, political, religious and economic structure of the countries where they  work should be studied in order to be a break with the current problems of the society with view of satisfying the spiritual and as possible the material needs of the people.  Any form of injustice should be rejected.
The Apostolate and pastoral care of the Institute will be principally channeled to the youth and will aim at the following
I. Deepening the knowledge of the Holy gospel message and Christian Doctrine.
II. Helping the youth to realize and appreciate the dignity and sanctification of human life. To see God in all his creatures and in all lawful human activities.
III. Cultivate in the youth a true sense of value and dignity of human labour as means of honest sustenance, sanctification and salvation of man
IV. Providing and helping the youth to find honest way and means of livelihood worthy of God’s children.
V. To approach science and technology, art and culture with gratitude to God the author of all that is good; the originator of all knowledge and wisdom ; and be convinced that science and technology are meant for man’s sanctification and salvation.
VI. To develop in the youth love for excellence and good behaviour, hatred and aversion for crime, violence and evil tendencies. Members should always be aware that their Apostolate is truly a “youth rescue program”