Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth is a  religious Congregation of Priests and Brothers.The Primary aim of the congregation is Sanctification and Salvation of its members through the observance of the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience.

The Specific and Charism of the Congregation is Youth Apostolate- A rescue Programme for the present day Youth; so as to guarantee a future Holy and God-fearing generation and nation. The Programme is realized in the apostolate of the Congregation:1. War against indiscipline and sin. Prevention of crime, evil tendencies, Occultism and armed robbery among the Youth.

2. War against addiction and care of its victims the insane and weekend-free feeding programme for destitute.

3. The care of Aids patients.

4. Opening and management of effective Schools for skill acquisition both for girls and boys thus creating jobs and making youth self-reliant. These could be achieved by helping the Youth to see God in all His creatures, in all human lawful activities joys and inevitable crosses and sorrows of life; Cultivate in the Youth an awareness, true sense of value and dignity of human labour. Aversion for idleness, dishonesty and cheating. Providing them and helping them to find honest way of livelihood worthy of human being.

“The lure of the so called ‘Consumer Society’ is so strong among the young people that they become totally dominated and imprisoned by an individualistic, materialistic, hedonistic interpretation of human existence. Material ‘wellbeing’ which is so intensely sought after, becomes the one idea to be attained in any way and at any price. There is a refusal of anything that speaks of Sacrifice and rejection of any effort to look for and practice spiritual and religious values. The determining concerrn for having supplants the primary aim of being and consequently personal and interpersonal values are interpreted and lived not according to the logic of giving and generosity, but according to logic of selfish possession and exploitation of others.” (Pope John Paul II). The youth are left to themselves and at the mercy of Psychological frailty, dissatisfied and critical of a world of adult who in failing to live the faith in a consistent and mature fashion do not appear to them as credible models.

The recent collapse of ideologies, the heavily critical opposition to the world of the adults who do not always offer a witness of a life based on moral and transcendent values and the experience of companions who seek escape through drugs and violence, contribute in no small way to collapse of rule, moral and order among the Youth . We consider the following to be specially important tasks of our times Youth apostolate, because the present situation of young people is crying out more than ever for social and educational works.
The problem of the Youth of today is too big for the society. But like Rev. Fr. Edward Flanagan we believe that “There is no bad boy.” (Fr. Flanagan). Also a Sierraleonian adage advises: “There is no bush for a bad child.”

Youth apostolate is a global current need. The Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth firmly believe that with the grace of God, incessant prayers, selfless effort, mortification and hard work, complete commitment of self and with the support of good willed people, the vision and Youth Apostolate of the Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth will be “a mission accomplished.”