HOLY FAMILY FATHERS AND BROTHERS OF THE YOUTH is a religious Institute founded in Nigeria by Rev Fr Denis Mary Joseph Ononuju Obiaga CSSp on 11th day of February, 2003. It sprang from the same inspiration, same motivation and has the same Founder as the Holy Family Sisters of the Needy. For this reason and by the reason of its Apostolate, the new Institute is called and known as The Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth.
It is a religious Institute in which the members profess public vows of Poverty, Obedience and Chastity and devote themselves to the Apostolic and Pastoral ministries of the Church carried out according to the universal laws of the Church and that of the Institute.
The primary aim of the Institute is Sanctification and Salvation of the members through the observance of the Evangelical Counsels.
The character/secondary aim of the Institute is Youth Apostolate – a rescue programme for the youth so as to assist them live according to the gospel message – A life that will guarantee the youth Sanctification and Salvation of its members and thus make the present and future generations holy and God fearing nations and peoples.
The Institute has a common Spirituality with that of St. Theresa of the Infant Jesus and St. John Bosco – deep commitment to Christ, to his teaching and to the Church.

The motto of the Institute is “Starting afresh from Christ through Mary ” (Consecrated Life in the Third Millennium of Pope John Paul ll)

Patron Saints of the Institutes are:
a) The principal patron is the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Other patrons include:
b) St. Theresa of the infant Jesus
C) St. John Bosco
d) St. John Mary Vianney
e) St. Vincent de Paul
f) St. Pius X
g) St. Martin de Porres
h) St. Denis
i) St. Lawrence.
Our missionary vocation calls for holiness of life and personal commitment to the person of Christ in our daily activities and awareness of ourselves in relation to the Trinity who is sending and commissioning us.
We are ever happy for the gift of our vocation and mission.
Thank you and God bless you.